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The Hunt for the Great Adventure

Minitou, a Native American boy, his sisters, their sassy friend "Shadow" and the gang, all run away from home to find an adventure full of trials and tribulations. Will this journey prepare him to one day become chief of the Cherokee Nation?

Premiered in Berlin, Germany

All child characters are played by children and adults characters are played by cartoons. 

All atmospheric changes are projected onto the teepees and back scrim. 

The Odd Couple

By Neil Simon

Following Neil Simon's Broadway version of "The Odd Couple" for a female cast, this successful comedy was put on by the Shoestring Players company and directed by Tracey Mitchem.

Premiered at the TIKK in Heidelberg, Germany

Noises Off

By Michael Frayn

A hilarious screwball comedy about the goings on, in front of the stage and behind, of a theater company where everything goes seriously wrong.

Premiered at the TIKK in Heidelberg, Germany

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Celebrating the great Broadway musicals, this music review featured singers from Tracey's voice and production studio. (Performed and extended to 3 week run!)

Premiered at Balaliaka Music Series, Frankfurt, Germany 

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The 1960s Rock-n-Roll Musical

An all-girl Rock-n-Roll musical celebrating the girl groups of the 60s, including The Shirelles, The Marvelettes, The Supremes Tina Turner, and many, many more!!!

Premiered at the TIKK in Heidelberg, Germany

Coming Soon

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Pirates Grove

by Tracey Mitchem

Pirates Grove is an interactive play where you can explore your dreams and become a pirate for the day. This show has everything but the kitchen sink, including sword fighting, battle, buried treasure, raiding pirate ships in the night, goofy parodies and romance! Who could ask for anything more? 


We can't wait for you to sign up for Pirates' Grove! 

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